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>>How to deal with headaches?
>Headaches are divided into two types: primary and secondary
>Headaches are common but often neglected
>Preparations before consulting a doctor for headaches
>Make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent headaches
>>TCM Views on the Development of Headaches
>>Treating Headaches with Chinese Medicine
>Wind-cold headaches
>Wind-heat headaches
>Wind-dampness headaches
>Liver yang headaches
>Kidney deficiency headaches
>Qi deficiency headaches
>Blood deficiency headaches
>Turbid phlegm headaches
>Blood stasis headaches
>>How Chinese Medicine Understands Headache Disorders
>Supra-orbital pain
>Distending sensation in the head
>Heaviness sensation in the head
>Headaches and menstruation
>Headaches during pregnancy
>>Acupuncture Therapies for Headaches
>>Non-medicinal Approaches to Headaches
>Auricular therapy
>Hand and foot reflexology
>Needle tapping therapy
>Blood letting therapy
>Cupping therapy
>Scraping therapy
>>External Herbal Remedies for Headaches
>Medicinal hot compress
>Herbal pastes
>Medicated massage
>Nasal therapy
>Hand therapy
>Medicinal pillow
>>Qigong Practice to Alleviate & Prevent Headaches
>>Proprietary Chinese Medicine to Relieve Headaches
>>Chinese Health Advice & Food Therapy for Headaches
>Chinese health advice
>Chinese food recipes