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Medicated Massage to Relieve Headaches

This healing method involves applying herbal creams to the body surface and massaging over it, so that both physical and pharmaceutical effects are obtained. The herbal creams are specially made for activating blood, resolving stasis, warming the meridians, dissipating coldness, strengthening the tendons and bones. During applications, massage therapists will choose a herbal cream that fits the individual condition, apply it on the selected acupoints, and then use hands to wipe, rub, push, press and knead the areas. Chinese medicine widely uses this method for conditions such as chronic joint problems, sequelae of stroke, bone and tendon injuries, missed periods and constipation. Below is a sample remedy for headaches accompanied with stiff neck and limb soreness.

Preparation of the herbal cream: equal amount of angelica root, medicinal evodia fruits, aconite root, common threewingnut root, Sichuan pepper, Sichuan lovage, Dahurian angelica root and prepared daughter root of common monkshood. Grind the ingredients into a powder, mix with proper amount of Vaseline and put in a container. Each time take proper amount and apply on the selected areas during acupressure massage. See the acupressure methods chapter.

Massage with herbal cream

It should be noted that the herbs used in the remedies are usually strong and toxic, don't put in mouth. Individuals with skin lesions are NOT suitable too.