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Medicinal Pillows to Relieve Headaches

In recent years, medicinal pillows have become popular health appliances. In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the theory behind is that the head is regarded as "the house of essential substance," essence from the organs is gathered there, and blood and qi (vital energy) always flow through it. The head serves as the highest center for regulating functions inside the body. Since we spend one third a day sleeping on a pillow, medicinal pillows can facilitate the properties of herbs enter through the head. Medicinal pillows are suitable for conditions like headaches, insomnia, hypertension and neck problem. For headaches, a pillow may be stuffed with the following herbs:

Ledebouriella root, Sichuan lovage, Dahurian angelica root and mung beans, 150g for each and 100g of silk moth dung, which are most suitable for tension and migraine headaches.

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