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Hand and Foot Reflexology for Headaches

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the hands and feet are the confluences of the body's yin and yang meridians which make the regions have vigorous blood and qi activities. Based on the order and arrangement of the twelve meridians flow, internal organs and tissues have their corresponding reflection areas on the hands and feet. Stimulating on specific areas of the hands and feet can help regulate the organ functions, and thus facilitate healing.

Generally, the techniques of hand and foot reflexology are simple, but a stronger stimulation is required to get the desirable results. Needling can achieve immediate and effective results, however this produces an intense pain that is not acceptable by most individuals, and so massage or moxibustion is usually employed. The following areas help relieve headache, which are usually act on them forcefully and for some time during a hand or foot massage session. See the graphics for references.

Selected according to the pain locations: anterior headache point (1), posterior headache point (2), crown headache point (3), migraine point (4).

Midline of the sole and one thumb-width apart from the edge of heel (1), the web between the big toe and second toe (24), the web between the second toe and third toe (25).

Hand and foot reflexology for headaches
Hand and foot reflexology for headaches