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Chinese Blood Letting Therapy for Headaches

This method is also known as "blood letting acupuncture," because therapists often use a three-edged needle as tool. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), using appropriate techniques to release a few drops of blood can improve the localized qi and blood flow, which is beneficial to conditions like toxic heat accumulation, swelling, pain, blood stasis, qi stagnation, hyperactive organs, restless mind and head orifices blockages. Blood letting therapy is indicated for acute, heat, excess and painful syndromes in TCM, physicians often use it to relieve high fever, faintness, throat soreness, stubborn joint pain, muscle sprain, as well as localized swelling and numbness.

Before operation, the tool and the selected area must be cleaned and sterilized. Prick the area quickly and squeeze gently to release 4-5 drops of blood, then press the punctured points with a clean swab to stop bleeding. This can be done every two days, prick on alternative side each time. Those who have bleeding problem, anemia, hypotension or pregnant women are NOT recommended.

Blood letting for headache with dizziness
Select areas like middle of the eyebrows (Ex-Hn 3) or temples (Ex-Hn 5), find an engorged vein to prick. Do this every two days.

Blood letting for headache with hypertension and bloodshot eyes
Select one or two points in the ear. Rub the ear back with a clean swab, and prick an engorged vein swiftly with a three-edged needle. This can be done every two days. It can also prick the apex, the lobe or the helix of the ear.

Chinese blood letting technique
Chinese blood letting technique