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Auricular Therapy for Headaches

This involves stimulating points on the auricles that correspond to different organ systems in the body. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the ears are not just isolated hearing organs; they are closely connected with the internal organs. TCM regards the auricular region as an important body part for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and stimulating the points on the auriculars can achieve general or local effects.

Auricular points that help relieve headaches include the forehead (17), occipital (22), temple (19), subcortex (other side of brain point), brain point (20) and ear apex (68), see the graphic for references. They can be stimulated by needling, pressing and blood letting methods.

Needling method
Select 2~3 points on one ear. Sterilize the ear and stimulate with 0.5cm needles. Insert a needle into the cartilage and then twirl rapidly for 30 seconds, be careful not to penetrate through the ear, retain the needle for 30 minutes to enhance stimulation or to facilitate further manipulation. Do this every two days, 10~20 times as one course, and rest for one week before the next course. If individuals cannot receive treatment on time due to work, intradermal needles are used instead, which can keep 3~5 days, remind the headache sufferer to press the patches several times a day.

Pressing method
Select 2~3 points on one ear and sterilize them, put magnetic patches on the points. Individuals should press on the patches frequently, especially after meals and before sleep, for 3-5 minutes each time. The pressure should be sufficient to make the areas turn red, and feel heat and pain. Change the patches and side every two days.

The intradermal needles used in<br>Chinese medicine
The intradermal needles used in
Chinese medicine
The auricular points for headaches
The auricular points for headaches