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Massage to Relieve Hypertension

According to TCM, hypertension usually originates from over stimulation of the emotions, internal injuries or an improper diet, leading to an imbalance of yin and yang, and a disturbance of qi and blood movements inside the body. The liver and kidney are usually the most affected organs. Massage therapy can be an alternative to prevent further progression of hypertensive conditions. By stimulating the nerves and regulating body fluids, massage can enhance the vasomotor control of the brain, so as to relieve contractions in the small arteries and bring down the blood pressure.

1.  Press and knead the center of the crown of the head (Du20), 30 times.
2.  Press and knead between the eyebrows, 30 times.
3.  Thumb-knead the temples, 30 times.
4.  Thumb-knead the depressions below the occipital bone (Gb20), at the bottom of the skull, 30 times.
5.  Use the thumb and index finger to press on the depressions behind the ears, then knead and grasp forcefully, 30 times.
6.  Cross the hands, place on the navel and rub over the area, 30 times.
7.  Place the hands on each side of the chest then rub to and fro along the ribs, 30 times.
8.  Clench the fists and beat the middle of the back of the opposite shoulder (Gb21), 30 times on each side.
9.  Make one hand into a half fist and clap the back of the shoulder on the opposite side, 30 times on each side.
10.  Press and knead the front of the forearm, 2-finger-breadths above the midline of the wrist (Pc6), 30 times on each arm.
11.  Press and knead on the lateral fold of the flexed elbow (Li11), 30 times on each arm.
12.  Press and knead 1-finger-breadth below the anterior crest of the tibia (St36), 20 times on each leg.
13.  Press and knead 3-finger-breadths above the inner malleolus of each ankle (Sp6), 20 times.

Massage to relieve hypertension
Massage to relieve hypertension