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Massage to Relieve Diabetes

Typical symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, extreme thirst, and frequent hunger. In TCM thinking, these occur when factors like improper diet, emotional stimulation or overstrain impair the functioning of the lungs, stomach and kidneys, resulting in a disturbance of the body's metabolism, particular in transformation and transportation functions. From a TCM perspective, individuals may present with different disharmony patterns and thus will be treated differently. Massage focuses on fortifying organs and enhancing the triple burner, so as to resume the transformation and transportation functions.

1.  Press and knead middle of the sternum (breastbone) (Rn17), 50 times.
2.  Press and knead the center of the upper abdomen (Rn12), 50 times.
3.  Press and knead the center of the lower abdomen (Rn4), 50 times
4.  Rub over the upper abdomen, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, 30 times.
5.  Rub over the navel area, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, 30 times.
6.  Grasp the base of neck on the opposite side, 30 times alternatively.
7.  Clench fists and then use the knuckles to rub along the sides of the lumbar spine, 30 times.
8.  Beat the kidney region 30 times and then knead with the knuckles, 30 times.
9.  Press and knead the muscular crest of the forearm when the elbow is flexed (Li10), 30 times on each arm.
10.  Press and knead the front of the forearm, 2-finger-breadths above the midline of the wrist (Pc6), 30 times on each side.
11.  Press and knead 1-finger-breadth below the anterior crest of the tibia (St36), 30 times on each leg.
12.  Press and knead the area 3-finger-breadths above the inner malleolus of each ankle (Sp6), 30 times.

For individuals with other signs, more steps are added:

Obvious mouth dryness, thirst and profuse urine
Digital press the backbone, about the shoulder level (Du14), 30 times.
Knead on the fold of the elbow while flexed (Lu5), 30 times on each arm.
Skinniness with a big appetite and constipation
Rub heavily on the sides of the ninth thoracic vertebra (Bl18), 30 times.
Rub the lower abdomen clockwise, 30 times.
Knead the lower calf muscle (Bl57), 30 times on each lower leg.
Knead the dorsum of the foot in the depression between the big toe and the second toe (Lr3), 30 times on each foot.
Knead the dorsum of the foot, in the depression between the second and third toes (St44), 30 times on each foot.

Massage to relieve diabetes
Massage to relieve diabetes