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Massage to Relieve Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is due to a hypersensitivity reaction in the nasal mucous membranes of sensitive individuals to certain antigens. Instead of avoiding the allergic triggers, or simply seeking symptomatic relief, TCM treatment focuses on the internal weakness that causes the allergy. In TCM understanding, the lungs open into the nose, so nasal function mainly depends on the action of lung qi. The free movement of lung qi keeps the nasal passages clean and maintains a firm barrier against external stimulation. Massage can enhance lung qi flow, clear airway passages and strengthen the nasal membranes.

1.  Thumb-knead the depressions below the occipital bone (Gb20), at the bottom of the skull, 30 times.
2.  Grasp the base of the neck (Bl12), 30 times each.
3.  Thumb-knead the temples, 30 times.
4.  Knead between the eyebrows, 30 times.
5.  Wipe the forehead with the middle knuckles of the index fingers, 30 times.
6.  Rub the hands together to warm them, then cover the forehead with the palms, rub forcefully downward to the chin, and let the palm edges slide along the chin, rub toward the ears, pass thought the temples and to the forehead again. Repeat the procedure 30 times.
7.  Press and knead the sides of the nose (Li20), 50 times.
8.  Use the middle fingers to rub along the nasal grooves, 30 times.
9.  Use the middle finger to knead the lateral side of the third thoracic vertebra (Bl13) on the opposite side, 30 times on each side.
10.  Make one hand into a half fist and clap the back of the shoulder on the opposite side, 10 times each.
11.  Press and knead the middle of the sternum (Rn17), 30 times.
12.  Knead the backbone, about the shoulder level (Du14), 30 times.
13.  Nip and knead the middle part of palm web, between the thumb and index finger (Li14), 30 times on each hand.

In addition, other steps can be added for individuals with the following conditions:

Sallow complexion, poor appetite, distention, fatigue, weakness and loose bowels
Knead on the lateral sides of the upper lumbar spine (Bl20, 21), 30 times.
First rub the upper and then the lower abdomen, 30 times each.
Press and knead 1-finger-breadth below the anterior crest of the tibia (St36), 30 times on each leg.
Press and knead the lower calf muscle (Bl57), 30 times.
Press and knead 3-finger-breadths above the inner malleolus of each ankle (Sp6), 30 times.
Dizziness, lumbar and knee soreness, sensitivity to low temperatures, urinary frequency and seminal emission
Knead the kidney region, 30 times.
Rub the lateral side of the lumbar spine, 30 times.
Use the fingers to strike along the midline of the pelvic front, 60 times.
Rub below the navel, 30 times.
Press and knead 3-finger-breadths above the inner malleolus of the ankle (Sp6), 30 times on each ankle.
Knead the depressions behind the inner malleolus of each ankle (Ki3), 30 times.

Massage to relieve allergic rhinitis
Massage to relieve allergic rhinitis