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VI. Topical Applications for Weight Loss

External application of TCM drugs can be in the forms of paste, creams and liquids. Combined with massage techniques, they can be effective in helping to slim abdominal, thigh and hip regions.

Topical applications can have certain desirous effects on the entire body.

Although the drugs are applied in localized regions only, the active ingredients of certain preparations are absorbed by the skin pores and infiltrate through the skin. They enter into the blood stream and then travel to the entire body. Therefore, they also can have certain desirous effects on the entire body.

The right way of application is to put on a wet hot towel on the desired area for 15 minutes, and then put some herbal paste on the area and massage for 20-30 minutes, two times daily. Repeat for ten days for one course. There are a lot of patent preparations in the market; one of the most popular ingredients is rhubarb (da huang).