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IV. Otopuncture & Aural Acu-points Stimulation for Weight Loss

From a TCM viewpoint, the ears are an important pivot point for the meridians to communicate with each other. When the organs are in disharmony, it will be reflected on the auricle of the ear. Individuals with obesity or hyperlipidemia (excessive total fat in the blood) usually have spleen and kidney disharmonies. Therefore, physicians can regulate these organs' functions by stimulating the acu-points on the ears. The therapy can be employed two ways: needling or padding with herbal seeds.

Selected aural acu-points in weight loss

37 adrenal gland
45 sub-cortex
47 lung
49 spleen
50 endocrine
51 triple burners
52 mouth
53 esophagus
55 stomach
57 small intestine
59 large intestine
64 sympathetic
86 constipation center
87 thirst center
88 hunger center

Otopuncture: some of the common auricle acu-points selected for needling are: large intestine, lung, triple burner, endocrine, sub-cortex, hunger center and thirst center (See graphic for reference.) Select two acu-points daily or every two days; apply to alternate ear each time. Ten times is usually considered one course.

The method of padding with herbal seeds is very popular; it is convenient, cheap, and non-invasive and can have significant results if the individual is compliant with the regimen. Seeds such as vaccaria (wang bu liu zi), mustard (bai jie zi), rape (cai zi) and Garden Balsam (jix-xing-zi) are stuck onto sticker pads and are usually obtained through Chinese medicine shops. The pads are placed on the appropriate accupoints on the ears and left for three days. Everyday, 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, individuals press and rub the seed pads for two minutes until sensations like heat and distending pain are felt in order to stimulate the acu-points. After three days a new set of seed pads are placed on the ears. When the seed pads are changed ten times (30 days) it is considered one course. Proper results can be seen in two to four courses.

The auricle acu-points generally selected for padding are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, hunger center, thirst center, spleen, lung, adrenal gland, endocrine, sub-cortex, sympathetic, constipation and triple burner (See graphic for reference.)

Generally speaking, combining the application of both body acupuncture and otopuncture has a better result.

Mustard seed used for padding the ears.   The ear should be properly sterilized with rubbing alcohol before placing the seed pads.