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III. Body acupuncture therapy for Weight Loss

Acupuncture being applied to the back.

Acupuncture therapy affects the autonomic nervous system and regulates energy metabolism by stimulating the meridians' qi (vital energy) flow. Acupuncture is often most effective with stubborn stagnation problems in the meridians. It can also prohibit appetite and increase the metabolic rate of obese individuals. Sometimes moxibustion is chosen in conjunction with acupuncture, depending on the physician's judgment.

Different acu-points are selected depending on the types of disharmony pattern:

1. Excited liver-yang
Individuals present with irritability, dizziness, headache; the tongue is red and the pulse is taut. The major selected acu-points are xia-xi, xing-jian and qu-chi.
2. Dampness accumulation due to spleen deficiency
Individuals present with discomfort in the gastric area, body heaviness, scanty urine excretion; the tongue coating is greasy and the pulse is hesitant. The basic selected acu-points are zhong-wan, shui-dao and pi-shu.
3. Heat stagnation in the stomach
Individuals present with excessive appetite, easy feelings of hunger or thirst. The tongue coating has a slight yellow color; the pulse is rolling and rapid. The basic selected acu-points are nei-ting, qu-chi and shan-ju-xu.
4. Constipation due to intestinal dryness
Individuals present with constipation and a full feeling in the gastric and abdominal regions. The tongue coating is yellow and greasy; the pulse is taut and tense. The basic selected acu-points are qu-chi, tian-shu and zhi-gou.
5. Qi (vital energy) insufficiency in the spleen and lungs
Individuals present with a full feeling in the gastric and abdominal regions, general weakness, dizziness, limb swelling and scanty urine excretion. Their tongue looks pale, and the pulse is hesitant. The basic selected acu-points are fei-shu, pi-shu and tai-bai.
6. Yang deficiency in the spleen and kidney
Individuals present with weakness and soreness in the lower limbs and lumbar regions, general swelling, impotence in males, excessive vaginal discharge in the female. Their tongue looks pale and the pulse is fine. The basic selected acu-points are pi-shu, shen-shu and tai-bai.

In case of excessive appetite add nei-ting; for heart palpitations and shortness of breath add shen-men and nei-guan; for constipation add tian-shu and zhi-gou and for scanty urine add shui-fen and yin-ling-quan. (See graphics for references.)

Some examples of acu-points used for promoting weight loss.