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A Holistic Way to Slow Down Aging

(urethra or vagina and anus)
Orifices are the organs' openings on the body surface.
Aging is a chronic, progressive yet degenerative process. In the Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic) states: "one who is over 40 years of age will only have half of his yin-qi left", that means the body's fundamental substances and physiological functions has declined greatly in one's 40s. Anti-aging measures should start early in one's life in order to get the most out of their time on earth.

According to TCM holistic theory, the human body is an organic whole in which each component is interdependent and interactive with each other, mutually coordinating physiologically and pathologically. The premise for anti-aging treatment is to maintain overall good health, eat a balanced diet, have the proper amount of sleep, a positive mood, and avoid extreme stimulation from the outside environment. See "Health Maintenance in Chinese Medicine". This holistic approach to health and well-being keeps the internal harmony and staves of premature aging.

There is saying in TCM: "Women begin to deteriorate in the Yang Ming Meridians with corresponding changes shown in the face first, while men begin with a declined kidney and the first signs will usually be loose teeth and hair loss". Nevertheless, changes in appearance usually herald our first awareness of aging; thereafter, it will be problems of the nine orifices eyes, ears, nose, mouth, urethra (or vagina) and anus, and finally, mental deterioration.

In order to look younger, TCM anti-aging treatment is divided into three aspects: skin health, physique health and mental health. A wide variety of remedies are used to maintain and nourish these aspects so as to moderate the ageing process. Generally, the managing methods are based on following principles:

Keeping skin young: replenishing blood and activating its circulation, nourishing yin for lubrication.

Delay physical aging: protecting the spleen and stomach, nourishing the kidney and liver.

Delay mental aging: nourishing the heart, invigorating the spleen and soothing the liver.

It should be stressed that skin health, physique health and mental health cannot be treated separately, as they are complementary to each other. You are unlikely to stay younger by simply focusing on skin or physique or mental conditions, only comprehensive approach that fulfils personal needs can achieve a substantial effect. Anti-aging should not be relied on one single prescription, but use different prescriptions alternatively, or adhere to one major prescription and aid with other methods.