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Why Check Your Urine and Stool?

Why Check Your Urine and Stool?

Chinese medicine views the human body as an organic whole. Although each organ or tissue has its own distinct physiological function, the various parts are inseparable and interrelated. All these correlations and influences are centered on the five organs system; therefore, any disorder or pathology mutually affects them.

According to TCM theory, stool and urine are processed by a series of organs, thus abnormalities in the urine and stool correlate with the condition of the organs. Urine comes from the body fluid. It is stored and excreted by the bladder. Its formation is closely related to the transformation function of the lungs and the spleen, the kidneys' vaporization ability and its distribution in the triple burner. Stool is stored and excreted by the large intestine. Its formation is closely associated with the transformation function of the spleen, regulation of the liver and promotional energy of the kidneys. TCM has special methods to evaluate abnormal changes in the urine and stool. By identifying specific signs, a TCM physician can understand and predict the pathological changes of the internal organs.

In examining the urine and stool, TCM practitioners note their frequency, quantity, nature, form, color, smell as well as the presence or absence of accompanying physical feelings.