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Which Ginseng Should I Use and When?

It is important to know the area from which your ginseng originates. Although Chinese and Korean ginsengs are both known as Panax ginseng, the power of tonifying qi energy from Korean ginseng is much stronger than its Chinese counterpart. Korean ginseng is best used in cold climates for health maintenance and may not be suitable for people living in warmer regions such as southern China or Asia.

There are some guidelines for using ginseng as a health supplement. It is best used during winter for someone lacking qi energy. Some signs of qi deficiency include shallow respiration, shortness of breath and cold extremities. Ginseng should not be used if a person is suffering from a cold or flu because it not only promotes their vitality but also that of the pathogen infecting the person. For someone who has a mild qi deficiency, American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) can be a nice choice since it has a mild nature.

Dried cultivated ginseng
Processed red ginseng
Processed white ginseng
Dried wild ginseng

These are different types of Asian ginseng found in herbal shops. Different types will have different strengths, the dried wild ginseng is the most potent type.