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Drinking Chinese Tea to Promote Health

Kung-fu tea

Enjoying tea is an integral part of Chinese life. However, tea-drinking customs vary throughout China. Scented tea, like jasmine tea, is popular in north China; people in the east prefer green tea while people in the south usually drink black tea.

Being one of life's daily necessities and considering its special healing effects, tea is a common ingredient used in folk remedies. For example, it is said that tea is good for elderly people or for people who are recovering from serious diseases. When such people present with fatigue, gastric and abdominal distention after meals, it is recommended that they drink old fermented tea for several days.

Below are a selection of teas and their healing effects:


Sugar tea: this is made by green tea and sugar. TCM believes this tea can harmonize the stomach, replenish the qi (vital energy) and also help in irregular menses.
Vinegar tea: use 3g of tea powder to prepare tea and add in rice vinegar to taste. Drink twice a day. This tea can relieve irritability, depression and chest discomfort.
Lotus seed tea: lotus seeds (30g) are first soaked in warm water for 5 hours then boiled with water and brown sugar (30g) until the seeds become soft. Tea is added just prior to serving. This dessert invigorates the spleen and kidneys, which is recommended for individuals with nephritis and edema.
Chrysanthemum tea: the ingredients are green tea and dried white chrysanthemum. It cleanses the liver and benefits the eyes; this tea is good for individuals with hypertension, blurred vision and headache.
Honey tea: this tea quenches thirst, replenishes the blood, nourishes the lungs and benefits the kidneys. It helps to prevent constipation, indigestion and sore throat.
Lotus leaf
Lotus leaf tea: this tea is made by greed tea powder (2g) and dried lotus leaf (9g), steep the ingredients in boiling water for 5minutes. It helps individuals to quench thirst, prevent acne growing, and improve the skin elastic as well as loss weight.
Hawthorn tea: this tea is prepared by hawthorn fruits (pounded) which are first decocted, after which green tea is added to the hot liquid. This should be drunk regularly to help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, benefiting individuals with hypertension, heart disease or who are obese.
Ginger tea: this tea is prepared by boiling fresh ginger (peeled and sliced) with red tea. Serve after meals. This tea promotes perspiration, warms the lungs and arrests cough, which help to cure flu, fevers and coughs.
Milk tea: milk and sugar are added to tea. This tea invigorates the spleen and refreshes the mind.
Red dates tea: steep red tea (5g) in boiling water for 3 minutes, and then put in 10 red dates (pitted and mashed). This serves as a tonic for spleen deficiency, which is good for children who wet the bed and have a poor appetite.
Honeysuckle tea: steep green tea (2g) and honeysuckle (1g) in boiling water. This tea clears heat and toxins and quenches thirst. This tea is used to prevent fever, boils and intestinal conditions in summer.
Dried persimmon fruit
Persimmon tea: this beverage is made by dried persimmon (mashed), rock sugar and tea. This tea regulates qi movement, dissolves phlegm, smoothes the intestines and fortifies the stomach. TCM claims that it is good for tuberculosis patients because it expels phlegm and arrests coughs.
Fresh plum tea: prepare 10-150g of fresh plums, boil with 320ml of water for 3 minutes, then add green tea (2g), honey (25g) and bring to the boil. This tea clears heat, drains dampness, benefits the liver and relieves stress.
Fresh corn silk
Corn silk tea: this is prepared by boiling fresh corn silk (100g) and green tea (5g) for 5 minutes. Take this tea two times daily. This tea promotes the spleen and kidneys and accelerates the metabolism of body fluids, induces urination and alleviates puffiness.

Tea leaves only have a mild-healing effect, so other herbal ingredients are often used in combination with it in order to obtain effective results. Sometimes tea is not used at all in health drinks just various herbs. In any case, these herbal infusions also have health benefits.