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Myasthenia Gravis : Prevention
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Early treatment may improve the chance of a drug-free remission, but prevention is not possible.

In the prevention of myasthenia gravis, or the mitigation of its affects, the following measures are recommended:

  Exercise regularly to strengthen body resistance.
  Maintain a balanced lifestyle and avoid stress in order to prevent pathogen invasion or induction of attacks.
A balanced lifestyle reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.
  Consult your doctor immediately if you experience significant muscle fatigue.
Get regular check ups.
  Be wary of any medicine that affects nerve impulses to the muscles or inhibits respiratory movement. Such drugs include certain antibiotics, morphine, curare and quinine.
  Dietary therapy may be helpful. Chinese physicians recommend foods that are able to nourish and invigorate the spleen and kidneys, and thus benefit the qi and the blood. Foods such as Chinese date, lotus seed, walnut, Chinese yam, dried mushrooms, wolfberry and fleece flower root can be added to the diet. In individuals who are mainly qi-deficient, milk-vetch root (huang qi) tea (100g boiled over one hour) can be beneficial. .
Physicians recommend foods such as Chinese dates, lotus seeds and walnuts for those with myasthenia gravis.