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Liver Cancer : Prevention
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Prevention of infection with hepatitis B or hepatitis C is the most effective way to prevent liver cancer. A vaccine against hepatitis B is available and is now given to newborn babies in many countries. Adults and children who were not vaccinated at birth, and have not been infected by the hepatitis B virus should consider having a hepatitis B vaccination, especially if they are in countries or areas where infection rates are high or if they are exposed to the disease through work or lifestyle.
  Several studies in Asian countries where hepatitis B immunization is being given to all children (Taiwan, Korea) have found that the rates of liver cancer dropped markedly (by 40 percent) in those groups receiving immunization.
  The hepatitis B vaccine is given as three injections over a six month period. Once immunized, your hepatitis B antibody status should be checked every ten years. You may require a booster shot or need to repeat the immunization series if you have lost immunity.
  Controlling hepatitis C will require effective vaccination, but no such vaccine has yet been developed. Until then, monitoring donated blood and blood products to ensure it is hepatitis C free, and encouraging intravenous drug users not to share needles and to use clean needles (needle exchange programs) are the most effective ways of preventing hepatitis C infections.
In countries where hepatitis B infection is not widespread, people also die from liver cancer brought on by alcohol abuse. Keeping alcohol consumption to a moderate level (no more than two standard alcohol drinks per day for men and no more than one standard alcohol drink per day for women) will also prevent liver cancer.
Don't over consume alcohol
Along with these specific recommendations, following an anti-cancer regime will help boost your immune system and help it remain vigilant against cancerous changes in your body's cells. Such a regime involves increasing the percentage of fresh green, yellow and red vegetables in the diet, exercising for one hour per day, getting eight hours sleep a day and reducing stress levels in work and home life.
From a TCM point of view, it is important to pay attention to the following points in order to prevent the occurrence of liver cancer.
Healthy diet
Diet is important because it affects the spleen. In TCM, the spleen is responsible for extracting the nutrition from ingested foods and fluids and transforming them into qi and blood. It is also regarded as the source of these substances. It is such an important organ that it is sometimes referred to as the "foundation of afterbirth (postnatal) existence". As previously discussed, spleen deficiency is one of the main causes for liver cancer. Symptoms like abdominal distention, ascites (fluid in the abdomen) are all related to spleen function and health. The spleen has a close relationship with the liver. Being an earth element, the spleen can easily be inhibited and restricted by the liver, a wood element, if it becomes deficient. Therefore, in order to maintain good harmony between the spleen and liver, it is particularly important to pay attention to strengthening spleen health.

In order to maintain good spleen health, we should avoid eating too much spicy and "cold" food. "Cold" food includes those that are cold in temperature such as ice cream and refrigerated food, and those that have cold properties such as green beans. Avoid taking too much alcohol because alcohol is warm in property, and may aggravate the dampness and heat influences that usually occur in spleen deficient individuals.

This cycle shows how the five elements restrict one another
This cycle shows how the five organs restrict one another
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In TCM and western medicine, moderate alcohol consumption is recommended. It is now known that alcohol is a common reason for causing cirrhosis (irreversible damage of the liver), which is linked to the development of liver cancer. It is a good idea to discuss with your health care provider as to how much alcohol consumption is considered moderate since this may vary from person to person.

Don't over consume alcohol
Healthy lifestyle and health maintenance
TCM stresses maintaining harmony between our internal body and external environment for achieving optimal health. Therefore, it is essential to keep the body fit and have enough rest. Over-exhaustion is one of the main causes for body disharmony, which may eventually lead to liver cancer. Early detection of unhealthy conditions and disharmony patterns can prevent the body from progressing to liver cancer. These include detecting signs and symptoms associated with spleen deficiency, the influence of dampness, stagnation of qi, excessive heat, blood stasis and yin deficiency.(See symptoms section for detailed symptoms of the disharmony patterns.)Efforts should be taken to resume the body's balance when disharmony occurs and not let it persist because liver cancer usually occurs from long-term imbalances. By maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, liver cancer can be prevented.

maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle overall will help prevent cancer