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Chinese Qi-gong Practice to Enhance Fertility

Chinese Qi-gong Practice to Enhance Fertility

Qi-gong is a kind of self-healing practice through which individuals learn how to control their physical and mental activities, so they can come to a totally relaxed and calm state. From a TCM viewpoint, qi-gong enhances inspiration of clear-qi from the environment and helps to cultivate the healthy energy for the body. Regular practice, speeds up the transformation of primordial energy. When the primordial energy has accumulated to a certain level, it transforms into essence.

There are different kinds of qi-gong designed for various purposes. It is better to practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher or let them choose the most proper exercise for you. See the article on "Qi-gong Reactions".
Method of Imbibing Qi
This is a kind of static qi-gong, which has been recorded in many ancient books. It can be performed in any place and any posture. Regular practice helps to improve kidney functioning and makes the blood in the uterus abundant. Individuals should perform before meals.

Training procedures:

  • First get rid of all the distracting thoughts, concentrate the spirit and willpower, to be in a calm and peaceful emotional state. Prepare by closing the mouth and slightly clenching the upper and lower jaws.
  • Relax the cheeks and lower abdomen; inhale slowly with the nose; let the cheeks and lower abdomen fill naturally.
  • When the breath and saliva fill up the mouth, raise the head with the chin up and contract the cheek muscles. Swallow the breath and saliva to the degree that the swallowing sound of liquid is heard; the thought should follow the movements closely.
  • Visualize that the breath and saliva being swallowed are divided into two routes: the liquid part is stored in the kidneys, and, the inhaled qi is stored in the stomach and intestine.

Initially, an individual may experience loose bowels or hiccups after practice. TCM believes that belongs to qi (vital energy) activation and self-elimination of internal toxins. So, be calm and carry on when these phenomena occur. If individuals feel fullness and distended in the lower abdomen after practice, it is helpful to do exercise like hold the breath for a few minutes, lie down or slightly shake the limbs.

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