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Preventing Sexual Dysfunction by Qi gong

Qi-gong Practice for Impotence

As previously discussed there are different causes for impotence. Qi-gong practice should also be based on syndrome differentiation. The following is a sample practice for a decline in kidney-yang, in association with dysfunction in the heart and spleen.

The Cyclical Circulation Practice of Mao-you Period ( 5 to 7 am or pm)
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Postures (regulating the body)

Posture can be natural sitting, single lotus or double lotus sitting. The upper body should be upright and the eyes slightly closed as though they are opened. The lower jaw is tucked in, the lips closed slightly and the tongue touching the upper palate. The arms are hanging down, the hands are crossed over with the palm side facing inwards and lightly placed on the lower belly. Relax the whole body.

Breathing (regulating the breath) & Mental focusing (Regulating the mind)

Gradually adjust the breathing to be the most fine. Guard the spirit and extinguish all thoughts.

First, concentrate the mind in between the eyebrows. Slowly exhale while the lower abdomen sinks in. Let the mind direct the qi flow into the right side and downward to the dan tian. Stop breathing for a little while, then, slowly inhale, swell up the lower abdomen while inhaling. Let the mind direct the qi rising on the left side to the top of the head. Repeat this qi cycling 36 times.

Second, inhale slowly and let the mind direct the qi down to the dan tian and guard it there for a while. Then direct the qi from the right side to the top of the head, stop for a little while, slowly exhale while the lower abdomen sinks in, direct the qi to sink from the left side to the dan tian. Repeat like this again for 24 times.

When finishing the exercise, separate the mind and qi movement gradually. Then swallow the saliva and rub the face with hands, stretch the limbs and body, and move the joints.