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Precautions in Chinese Acupuncture Treatment

When patients are hungry, have overeaten, are drunk or temporary exhausted, acupuncture procedures should only be commenced after they have rested properly. For very weak patients, the manipulation of needles should not be too strong, there should be a limited number of acupoints and it is preferable for the procedure be undertaken in a supine posture.
It is contraindicated to puncture points on the abdominal and lower back regions for pregnant women. The points that may cause contraction of the uterus, such as he gu (Li 4), san yin jiao (Sp 6), kun lun (Bl 60) and zhi yin (Bl 67) should not be used. During menstruation, acupuncture treatment is not recommended unless it is for regulating the menses.
Points on the vertex of infants should not be needled when the fontanel is not closed. In addition, retention of needles is not recommended since infants are unable to cooperate with the practitioner.
Avoid puncturing the blood vessels so as to prevent bleeding; patients with clotting problems are not candidates for acupuncture treatment.
Do not puncture where there are skin infections, ulcers and sores.
In order to avoid accidents, practitioners should pay attention to the angle, direction and depth of needling, especially for points near the eyes, on the neck, chest and back.