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The Eight Confluent Points of the Extra Meridians

These points are where the eight extra meridians meet the twelve regular meridians. They are located around the wrist and ankle regions. Since the extra meridians meet the regular meridians at definite acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion on these acupoints help to treat diseases of the regions that they commonly regulate. During application, practitioners often select two points, one is on the arm and the other is on the leg, and also from alternative sides for stimulation.

Table of Eight Confluent Points and their Relevant Meridians and Regions

Extra Meridians Confluent Points Regular Meridians Regulated Regions
Thoroughfare Vessel

Yin Link Vessel
gong sun (Sp 4)

nei guan (Pc 6)
Spleen Meridian (leg)

Pericardium Meridian (arm)
Stomach, heart and chest
Governor Vessel

Yang Heel Vessel
hou xi (Si 3)

shen mai (Bl 62)
Small Intestine Meridian (arm)

Bladder Meridian (leg)
Inner eye corner, neck, ear, shoulder, upper back
Yang Link Vessel

Girdling Vessel
wai guan (Sj 5)

zu ling qi (Gb 41)
Triple Burner Meridian (arm)

Gallbladder Meridian (leg)
Outer eye corner, cheek, neck, back of ears and shoulder
Conception Vessel

Yin Heel Vessel
lie que (Lu 7)

zhao hai (Ki 6)
Lung Meridian (arm)

Kidney Meridian (leg)
Chest, diaphragm and throat

The Eight Confluent Points of the Extra Meridians