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6. Arm Tai Yang Small Intestine Meridian


The Small Intestine Meridian starts from the tip of the little finger and crosses the palm and wrist. It runs upwards along the posterior side of the forearm until it reaches the back of shoulder where it ends at the uppermost part of the back (the bottom of the neck). At this position, it first branches off and moves internally through the heart and stomach to reach the small intestine. The second branch travels externally across the neck and cheek until it reaches the outer corner of the eye and then enters the ear. A short branch in the cheek moves upward to the inner corner of the eye where it connects with the Bladder Meridian.


Disharmony of the Small Intestine Meridian presents mainly as symptoms along its pathway such as a swollen chin, stiff neck, sore throat, hearing problems, yellow eyes, and pain along the shoulder, upper arm, elbow and forearm.

Main indications:

Acupuncture points in this meridian are indicated for diseases of the head, neck, ear, eyes and pharynx (throat), as well as certain febrile conditions and mental illnesses. These acupuncture points are also recommended for symptoms associated with the meridian's pathway.