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12. Leg Jue Yin Liver Meridian


The Liver Meridian starts from the top of the big toe and goes across the top of the foot. After crossing the inner ankle, it continues to go upwards along the inner side of the lower leg and the thigh, until it reaches the pubic region. It then circulates around the external genitalia and enters the lower abdomen. Afterwards, it goes up the abdomen and reaches the lower chest to connect with the liver and gall bladder. The meridian further travels upwards along the throat and connects with the eyes. Finally it emerges from the forehead to reach the vertex of the head. One of its internal branches originates internally from the eye and moves downwards to the cheek where it curves around the inner surface of the lips. Another branch starts from the liver and passes through the diaphragm to reach the lung where it connects with the Lung Meridian and completes the cycle of the twelve meridians.


Disharmony of the Liver Meridian leads to groin pain, chest fullness, urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, swelling of the lower abdomen and hernias.

Main indications:

Acupuncture points in this meridian are indicated for liver, gynecological and genital diseases. They are also recommended for symptoms along the meridian's pathway.


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