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5. Arm Shao Yin Heart Meridian


The Heart Meridian starts from the heart, and divides into three branches. One goes towards the small intestine. The second runs upwards along the throat towards the eyes, and the third branch emerges under the arm and runs along the inner side of the forearm, elbow and upper arm. It then crosses the inner side of the wrist and palm and ends at the inside tip of the little finger, where it connects with the Small Intestine Meridian.


Disharmony of the Heart Meridian leads to pain at the heart position (precordial pain or pain at the sternum). In TCM, the heart rules the blood and the pulse. Without sufficient nourishment, an individual may feel thirsty and have a dry throat. Pain in the inner side of the forearm and heat in the palm may also indicate problems in this meridian.

Main indications:

Acupuncture points in this meridian are indicated for heart, chest and mental problems. They are also indicated for symptoms along the meridian.