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Ру Dampness

A damp climate is believed to cause rheumatism.
Dampness is associated with the element earth and is most active in late summer. Ailments of excessive dampness can be induced by sudden exposure to fog or mists, immersion in water or exposure to rain, and living in excessively damp locations of climates. The symptoms - lethargy, aching joints, and heaviness in the chest - are characteristically heavy and sluggish in nature and tend to block the flow of energy throughout the body. "Inner-dampness" is caused by excess cold consumption of liquor, tea, cold melons, and sweet, greasy foods. These impede spleen functions and cause symptoms of abdominal swelling, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Characteristics of the Damp Evil:
  The damp evil is related to heaviness and turbidness.
  The damp evil belongs to the yin evil, and it tends to disturb the functional activities of qi (vital energy) and injure the yang-qi.
  Dampness is characterized by stickiness and stagnation.
  Dampness tends to descend and attack the yin sites of the body.