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Lung Cancer : Prevention
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Preventing smoking is the single most effective way of stopping lung cancer. Keeping all indoor environments, such as offices, homes, schools, restaurants and forms of transport smoke-free is essential to preventing lung cancer caused by first and second-hand smoke. In many countries, legislation banning smoking in public areas is being used to protect people from the effects of smoking. However, in underdeveloped regions, many of which have young populations, indoor smoking is allowed and accepted as a social norm. In these countries, lung cancer rates are expected to rise dramatically as the children and adolescents now being exposed to smoking reach their forties and fifties.
Improving working environments where people are exposed to industrial smoke and other air pollutants will prevent lung cancer as well. Factories, mines and other enclosed work environments need to be well ventilated at all times. Workers exposed to pollutants should be given protective equipment, such as masks that are able to filter out pollutants. Workers in high-risk environments should only work in those areas for short periods and have their health carefully and frequently monitored by occupational health teams.
Children should never be exposed to tobacco smoke from parents, workers, teachers or any person coming into contact with them. Lung cancer results from cumulative exposure to tobacco smoke so the earlier the exposure; the more likely cancer will result in later life.
Homes, schools and offices need to be well ventilated to prevent radon gas accumulating. Opening windows is better than using air conditioning, except where temperature or pollution levels are extreme.

Stop smoking.
Control atmospheric pollution by taking an active role in the environment.
Provide occupational protection by reducing the radiation dose to working personnel.
Take vigorous action to prevent and cure lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis.
Detect lung cancer earlier by having regular physical examinations.