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Hyperthyroidism : Prevention
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There are no known means of preventing the onset of hyperthyroidism.

For those individuals diagnosed with Graves' disease, it is important that medication be taken as directed and for as long as necessary to achieve the greatest chance of permanent remission from disease. Patient compliance in this is essential.

Although lack of iodine in the diet is associated with hypothyroidism, growth retardation and intellectual disability, it has been shown that in areas of low iodine intake there is an increased incidence of nodular toxic goiter, especially in elderly women. Only a few places in the world ensure adequate dietary iodine intake through natural foods (seaweed, kelp and other seafood) and most of the world's population relies on iodized salt for its source. In areas where there is no national supplementation program, it is important to ensure that supplemental iodine is taken, especially during pregnancy and in young children, to maintain a healthy thyroid.

Seaweed and kelp (often used in food processing) are rich in iodine

Although no other dietary precautions are necessary in hyperthyroidism, a well-balanced diet, adequate rest and moderate exercise will help maintain general good health and guard against symptoms of the disease being provoked or exacerbated.

A diagnosis of hyperthyroidism requires proper precautions to be taken for its management.

The disease pattern can differ:
  i. In one-third of cases, symptoms are alleviated after treatment.
  ii. In a further third or more of cases, the disease shows periods of remission and relapse. It then becomes chronic and can persist for longer than 10 years.
  iii. In rare cases, the disease becomes progressively worse after treatment and is associated with severe complications, which may be fatal.
Mental over-stimulation and stress should be avoided since these can affect the balance of yin in the body and liver's ability to function properly. Music therapy can be of benefit in regulating the emotions.
Music therapy
It is important to prevent the invasion of exogenous pathogens since they can damage internal organs like the liver. If invasion occurs, prompt therapeutic measures should be taken to counteract the effects.
Prevent the invasion of exogenous pathogens
Any medication should be taken or stopped only under medical advice.
Chinese medicines that are rich in iodine, like kelp and seaweed, should be used carefully and only with the supervision of a doctor.