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7. Herbal Supplements for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Nutritional deficiency is an important triggering factor for restless legs syndrome (RLS), your doctor will suggest you to do a blood test and check out the nutrient levels, the right supplement will then be prescribed accordingly. It is not advised to take any supplement without the instruction of doctor, and be careful to take medications that may trigger RLS symptoms.

Proprietary Chinese medicines are manufactured with quality assurance and are effective to many conditions. In comparison with modern medicine, the effects of the proprietary Chinese medicine are gentle and slow, which are suitable for modulating the body functions gradually and for long-term health maintenance. After treated with herbal decoctions, physicians may suggest RLS individuals taking proprietary Chinese medicine, which are aimed to consolidate the efficacy, elongate remission period or ensure better recovery. Below are some of the choices for RLS individuals.

Name of the Proprietary Chinese medicines


Ginseng Spleen-restoring Pills
(HkʤYren seng gui pi wan)

This medicine reinforces both spleen and heart, which can relieve symptoms like general weakness, poor appetite, sleepiness or palpitations, soreness and weakness in lumbar and knee regions, and poor memory.

Hidden Tiger Pills
(Y hu qian wan)

Pain, numbness, weakness and muscle wasting of the limbs, soreness in the lumbar and knee regions. Individuals also accompany with headache, sexual dysfunction and sweating in the groin area.

The Great Collateral-activating Pills
(jY da huo luo wan)

Numbness, pain and muscle twitching in the limbs, or sequel of stroke

Blood-enriching and Tendon-nourishing Pills
(iaY yang xue rong jin wan)

Chronic injuries that result in bone and joint pain, limb numbness, muscle wasting, joint or muscle stiffness and swelling

Since these products are herbal mixtures, each of them have distinct curative effects, they should be taken according to appropriate indications. Individuals should read the labels carefully and choose a product that most fits your particular condition, so as to get the maximum benefit. Otherwise, inappropriate taking may worsen your condition.

Proprietary Chinese medicines are sold in different forms, such as oral solutions, pills, bolus, soft extracts, capsule, powder, syrup, tablets and granules.