Cinnamon Twig Decoction
(gui zhi tang 桂枝湯)

Source: Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases《傷寒論》

gui zhi

cassia twig

Ramulus Cinnamomi


bai shao

white peony root

Radix Paeoniae Alba


sheng jiang

fresh ginger

Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens


da zao

common jujube fruit

Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae


zhi gan cao

roasted liquorice root

Radix Glycyrrhizae Praeparata


Indications: Fever, headache, chills, sweating, runny nose, nausea and a white moist tongue coating indicates that wind and cold evils have attacked a weakened body. With appropriate modifications, this formula can be used in a wide range of health conditions such as upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, low fever of unknown origin, general aching in postpartum women, morning sickness, allergic rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, puffiness or sweating caused by neurovascular disorders, and many skin problems.