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Title: tinnitus
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frank Posted - 7/4/2004 2:40:24
i have problems with tinnitus,can acu or herbs help me?
Boris Posted - 24/8/2004 3:14:39

here is what ive gathered

1. ginko extract has been
reported to clear this up fast.

2. kidney is chief organ link.
herbs such as
kidney yin- rehmannia
kindney yang- antler,eucommia
Rehmannia 6 or Rehmannia 8
tea formulas are good paths
to try.

sincerly Boris

Rose Posted - 8/4/2004 12:19:49
According to western medicine, tinnitus is associated with brain disease, flu, drug side effects, ear infection, exposure to loud noise, meniere¡¦s disease, earwax buildup, otosclerosis and vertigo. While in TCM viewpoints, it can cause by adverse rising of liver-fire and gallbladder-fire, hyperactivity of phlegm-fire in spleen and stomach or deficiency of kidney essence. TCM physicians will differentiate different syndrome patterns and treated accordingly.

Tinnitus can be treated effectively by acupuncture or herbal remedy alone or in conjunction; depend on the level of problem. A course of treatment is generally required, although results may sometimes be immediate and dramatic. For details, please click in http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/shen-nong/health/meniere/index.htm, see how TCM deals with the meniere¡¦s disease. The different approaches of Chinese Medicine and Western medicine are illustrated for comparison.