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Title: Bird's nests
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Chris Posted - 24/3/2004 16:24:39
Chinese people endorse bird's nest as a supreme tonic. What is the recipe for skin beauty?
Boris Posted - 24/8/2004 3:19:09

beauty solutions

Schizandra and Peony
are known to be high end
herbs for skin radiance.
a clean cut diet also
promotes skin radiance.
sincerly Boris

Amy Posted - 8/4/2004 14:51:44
Can anyone tell me some other tonics which is much cheaper?


rose Posted - 24/3/2004 16:55:21
Simple Recipes for Bird's Nest

Benefits: increase the elasticity and moisture of skin.
Ingredients: Whole bird's nest (15g), rock sugar (76g).
1. Soak the bird's nest into warm water for 4 hours, until fully expanded.
2. Put bird's nest with 5 bowls (small size) of warm water into a double-bowl, cook for 1/2 hour at high temperature, add the rock sugar at last and continue for 15 minutes and be ready. If add an egg should be more tasty.

Taking a small amount regularly, in the morning before breakfast, your skin will look much tender and luster.