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Emil Posted - 23/2/2004 23:52:56
I am longdistance runner I wonder if there are any special things regarding to diet or herbs that can help an high level athlete to train even harder, recover quicker get mor strength an so on.
Rose Posted - 27/2/2004 13:05:21
Certain Chinese herbs such as ginseng, acanthopanax, rhodiolae root and Ganoderma lucidum can improve non-specific resistance to negative influences when the body encounters harmful stimulation. This is due to the drug's enhancement of the body's own "adaptation" mechanism. This kind of non-specific resistance only works in special circumstances, such as when the body's immune resistance is low, under stress or when it has to do extra work. When the body is in normal health, therapeutic dosages of these herbs do not interfere with physiological functions or cause any adverse effects. Russian cosmonauts carried these kinds of Chinese medicines with them as health supplements during their voyage into space.