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julien Posted - 22/3/2018 3:38:37
I think I may have kidney yin or yang or qi deficiency few mths ago I suffered loss of hearing in both ear more so the right, accompanied by ringing (tinnitus) hearing test shows sensoneural hearing loss and not noise induced.
Took a course of steroids prescription by the ENT specialist since then although I have been using herbs like ginger and cinnamon and green teas I have noticed an increase in sensitivity hearing is a little better but fluctuate as well as ringing frequencies it seems I can hear all frequencies just that its a little lower in dB almost all symptoms experienced so far I have read on various TCM sites that poin to organ imbalance my water intake over the years have been poor and my daily schedule also hectic recently Ive been waking up in the night 4-5 times to urinate any suggestions
Diego Posted - 15/5/2018 6:50:49
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julien Posted - 27/3/2018 9:04:08
I'm 47 yrs old, i have been doing alot of research on TCM recently and most of my symptoms are addressed in TCM, of coure i visited a health practioner, audiologist and ENT specialist to determine or rule out possible causes, but none of the aforementioned is looing at the problem the way of TCM so looking at the kidneys, liver, spleen etc. and treating with herbs is another option that i haven't tried, but TCM practitioners at my location are nil so i've turned to the internet for educative purposes and better health choices
TCM Posted - 26/3/2018 15:25:36
How old are you?
In Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency refers to disharmony associated with hearing, urination and others.

Night frequency, poor hearing and ear ringing are usual signs of kidney deficiency, however physicians also rely on other signs such as pulse, complexion, tongue to confirm a diagnosis and suggest remedy.