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Title: TCM and goat's milk for old
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le Posted - 20/3/2018 19:12:33
May I ask about goat's milk in TCM?

I heard that, differently from cow's milk, it is of a warm property. And that earlier, in 19-th century, goat's milk was used in Europe as additional treatment for tuberculosis patients.

Also once I was told by one goat's owner that they keep goat because his old farther in his late years became very emaciated and they tried goat's milk and farther again gained weight and became much better.

May I ask, could natural goat's milk be used by an old European man in his 80-s (who now becomes too slim)? Now he likes to drink cow's milk every day and his tolerance to cow's milk is good.

Thank you in advance for your kind advice.

Maztergee Posted - 14/10/2020 0:10:11
Back in those days the milk was raw and straight from the Goat.
TCM Posted - 26/3/2018 15:30:03
According to Chinese medicine references, comparing with cow milk, goat milk has a warmer property, and is more nutritious. So it is suitable for elders, especially to build muscles, promote heart and digestive health.