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Title: Muscle pain
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Colleen Urban Posted - 14/3/2018 22:53:42
I am a cancer survivor of leukemia cll. My red blood cells are low causing anemia. I am cancer free. I have fibro and recently suffer from shifting muscle pain. One day it is in my hands the next day hamstrings. Its almost like my body is replaying old wounds. I do not have RA. Doctors cannot explain one said chemo side effect. Ive never had it before. Thoughts? Thankyou.
TCM Posted - 19/3/2018 10:13:47
For some unknown cases, it is worth a try using traditional Chinese methods such as herbal remedy or acupuncture, as they have little side effect and also promote a full recovery. Chinese physicians may relieve your pain as below:

Activate blood and resolve stasis

Remove blockage in the meridians and collaterals http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/treatment/acupuncture_collaterals.html

Expel wind pathogens

It is better to find an experienced physician to resolve this complex condition.