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Title: Infection-bacterial vs viral
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Andrea Vomacka Posted - 18/2/2018 4:59:07
Hey all! I had this amazing practitioner in Miami, shout out to Doctor Don, but since moving, have yet to find someone in Seacoast New Hampshire that works on patients when the are sick and in need. So, I'm reaching out to the forums to see if anyone out there would recommend anyone in NH and two, to help my research.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and sinus pressure and fluid gurgling in my ear. My right side tonsil, nodes/glands are swollen. Yellow phlegm. Assuming damp heat.

Went to accupunture yesterday. He told me as much vitamin C as possible, 1000 vitamin d and their version of the "feeling run down" meds - lonicera complex.

I also went to see my medical doc bc we're dealing with tons of flu at my school and I was nervous. She did a strep test, told me I didn't have the flu, and I'm awaiting results but she thinks is viral, not bacterial, so not strep but def an infection since it hurts so bad to swallow. She prescribed steroid and antibiotics. I'm not taking those. She said if it's not strep, I can stop talking the antibiotics. Not going to ruin my system for a "might be strep" diagnosis.

So.... Anything I can do right away to keep at bay until meds come? I was thinking of ordering this: http://www.naturalnutritionals.com/gn153.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwp_UBRD7ARIsAMie3Xb7-I6xEzV4mYocpaxc65E5K6FyGbi-bmGL30I469mYh2x4dsNKtIcaAihZEALw_wcB

Any thoughts? Recommendations? Information I can read? Would love some help!!

TCM Posted - 26/2/2018 9:57:41
Have you consulted another doctor? Such as a ENT doctor to treatment your throat and sinus problems. Acupuncture and Vitamins may not be the effective treatment, and it is impossible to suggest a herbal remedy without detail evaluation.