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Title: Kidney Heart disharmony
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Bill Cunningham Posted - 11/2/2018 3:52:22
How can you fix a heart-kidney problem? I have panic attacks and bad anxiety. As well as depression to the point a have to be on disability or assistance. Herbs I am sure can do this. What exactly is this problem?
Emmanuel Wayi Posted - 27/9/2018 5:26:10
I need to consult on kidney related issues

Bill Posted - 15/4/2018 5:49:47
I take the meds yes. They are stronger and seem to work faster. Some of them. But I am sure TCM can help. There's a Spleen problem too I have heard here. They can attack each other. The Spleen and Liver. There can be meridian and san jiao problems. I have been able to on my own take care of "liver fire rsing" pattern and when it goes down. If it has affected the heart fire, it will go down. That heart fire is when you're really hurting. There's some chronic problem here.
TCM Posted - 13/2/2018 12:49:39
Do you take the medications?
It is more effective to treat mental problem with conventional methods.
From a Chinese medicine viewpoint, emotional distress is mainly associated to liver qi stagnation. Chinese herbal remedies help promote mind and body connection, moreover, heart and kidney harmony is beneficial to sleep.