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Title: Nocturnal emissions by warmth
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deadEternally Posted - 19/1/2018 14:41:27
I'm suffering from dreamless nocturnal emissions triggered by warmth. The only way I can prevent them is with the AC air directly hitting my penis and sleeping butt naked, even on a cold night. If I accidentally draw a blanket over the penis it results in an emission. The semen becomes thin within minutes, and flows out slowly without waking me up. This is very unacceptable to me as I'm a Yoga practitioner and I need to conserve semen. Can someone please shed some light on how I can cure this condition?
TCM Posted - 25/1/2018 17:05:43
Did your consult a doctor to find the cause? Sometimes it may due to congested prostate gland or poor emotional health. According to Chinese medicine theory, nocturnal emission is a symptom of kidney yang deficiency, and you belong to a serious type.
Do you have other discomforts?

There are some tonics for kidney deficiency, the Rehmannia Pill is a representative remedy.

Also you should follow some health tips: