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Title: Dehydrated foods
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Gypsy Posted - 14/1/2018 22:09:26
I want to get feed back on wether dehydrated foods are acceptable. Will they work on the body the way non dehydrated food does? I am planning on gardening and will have an over abundance of some foods. I want to follow proper dieting for tcm. Any input is appreciated
SLS Posted - 17/1/2018 14:57:03
For FOOD, we talk about the nutrients such as protein, minerals, fats, carbohydrates etc. Dehydrated food can reserve those nutrients and that is what the food industries doing.
In TCM, we will concern about the nature and flavor of the food or herbs, in terms of warm, cool, hot, cold; sweet, bitter, pungent, etc. Which relate to the function of the food/ herbs.
Ever food may have their own nature. Basically, in TCM point of view suggested eat some food in cool/cold nature when the body is in a hot pattern. For food to eat, fresh food is better than frozen or dehydrated food. Although most of Chinese medicinal herbs may need processed into dried form and used in TCM food therapies.