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Peter Bengtsson Posted - 9/11/2017 19:30:50

I have high hemoglobin. Is there any herb that may lower my hemoglobin?

Bless, Peter

Sam Posted - 14/12/2017 0:16:41
Peter.. Your red blood cell production increases to compensate for something else going on in the body. You may want to check your oxygen levels.. your heart and lung function .. your bones.. take into consideration other symtoms you may be experiencing.. the key is to discover the causal factor (underlying factor) and remedy this. The body is miraculous .. and can heal. If you are a smoker.. I would highly recommend quitting.

You may also want to detoxify your body.
The body is comprised of two main fluids.. the Blood (approx 25%) and the Lymph (approx 75%).
If you cleanse the Blood and Lymphatic system
this will help you correct whatever your health
concerns may be..

Best wishes

TCM Posted - 13/11/2017 16:46:29
This condition is better managed by conventional method, there is insufficient evidence that Chinese herbal remedy can work like that.